We spend time getting to know the client. We talk about their likes and dislikes and what kind of place they want their home to be. We discuss how they want their home to function and then how it should feel. Our partnership between the architect, designer, client, and builder is essential to any new construction or renovation project. Together we create a more efficient design based on the client’s needs.

Space Planning

Ready to start designing, working together with client and architect, we establish the scope of work. We review space planning, and we prepare a conceptual space plan for furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE). We gather images together to create a visual roadmap for the client to understand the design direction better. The budget is outlined for both product and design and submitted for approval.

Schematic Design

Now the real work begins. Floor plans, lighting plans, architectural plans are prepared and presented to the client. Materials, finishes and colors, fabrics, pictures of furniture and lighting, and floor coverings create the storyboard that we will deliver to the client to review and revise. These elements help the client visualize their space and selections that will lead us to the process’s final stage.


Design Development

We provide design development drawings, furniture plans, architectural plans, reflective ceiling plans, floor covering plans, and elevations with generic finish information and final revisions to the chosen design scheme from the schematic design phase.

Value Engineered Designs

Design and budget don’t always see eye to eye. We specialize in Value Engineering any design and specification package while still achieving the desired aesthetic intended originally. This process improves the value and quality of the project each project we undertake.

Procuring and Executing

Once we have the client’s approval, we begin purchasing, ordering, shipping, receiving, and inspecting. Simultaneously, we oversee and coordinate every facet of the construction process to ensure that everything is being done correctly and on time. We work with our receiving warehouse to ensure that everything we ordered for the project is ready for the big install.


We schedule and coordinate delivery and installation of the furniture, rugs/carpeting, accessories and artwork, window treatments, and bedding, all of it! When the real magic takes place, and the dream and everything that we worked for becomes a reality.